revolving, evolving, eluding, leading

Art is by nature an obscurity. It has no handles and at best has always been juggled or grasped at. The meaning of art, the goodness, or importance of art, is that it serves as a tool of self reflection, of observing evolution, which in itself perpetuates evolution. To work within the abstract is nothing more than to swim in the ethers of pre-figuration, pre-conceptualization, or pre-manifestation. To paint the figure is to work within the realm of preexisting identifiable imagery, furthermore, the human figure being the most self-relatable of all figures. The fully conceptualized end of the artistic spectrum that the figurative represents opposes the empty state of the non-figurative or nonrepresentational. But as all things revolve, and ends meet; through the transcending state of repetition, the subject we believe to know the most about, eludes us at a quantum rate, leaving us in a state of intellectual and personal undoing. The destruction of mental constructs, evolves the figurative into the nonrepresentational, without a change in form, but with a change in perspective and in the nature of one’s own awareness. So when I contemplate art’s role in our own evolution, i see that art posses a spirit, one with a constant energetic state, yet, ever changing force countering the ever stillness. With no ego to cloud the true nature of art, only the ego of the viewer is of consequence. Yet, observing art, one is being held at a still point, while simultaneously being emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically moved beyond freewill. Gracefully nurturing the true nature of consciousness, the fog of the individual ego is burnt away. And just as art has no handles or tethers, nor does human evolution, or life in general, the only constant in nature being change. And as we try to place our ideals and ideas upon the universe, the obscurity of reality and truth presents itself to ourselves in the image of ourselves. Through art, all that is knowable, can be known, and even this slips through our fingers. And all we are left with is an impression, a glimpse…a tease to keep us striving forth.